Monday, January 18, 2016

clearing out studio / selling old pieces

Letting go of each of these pieces is hard, as they hold a personal place in time, learning, effort & (at times) subject, but sometimes one has to let go of the past - especially when you gotta pay un-for-seen bills -you gotta milk whatever you got! Prices are on a sliding scale, but basically affordable (between $150 and $300... for original art!) - every purchase helps me keep encouraged, drawing & painting, etc , but more importantly helps keep the family fed and kiddo well learn-ed.    

Please e-mail (contact above) if you are interested. 

Cloud Study 24" x 14" SOLD

Pine Study 

Stoic Portrait (George)


Toni (Figure Study)


Kiesha Portrait

River Study SOLD

Oak on Hudson SOLD

Marshland Sketch SOLD

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