Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jimbe figure study in progress

details of the under-painting above... back in the figure room at GCA; below, a good display of the progression of studies, from Diana's drawing the figure (right), to my grisaille under-painting, to an eventual color study (by Raina Dai) below...

... (update) before I put in a color tone / background, here's the dude with a color pass in the studio: 


Jimbe figure study... / 'The Watchman" , oil on board, 18 x 24

(will upload a better (non-phone) pic ASAP)

Monday, January 18, 2016

clearing out studio / selling old pieces

Letting go of each of these pieces is hard, as they hold a personal place in time, learning, effort & (at times) subject, but sometimes one has to let go of the past - especially when you gotta pay un-for-seen bills -you gotta milk whatever you got! Prices are on a sliding scale, but basically affordable (between $150 and $300... for original art!) - every purchase helps me keep encouraged, drawing & painting, etc , but more importantly helps keep the family fed and kiddo well learn-ed.    

Please e-mail (contact above) if you are interested. 

Cloud Study 24" x 14" SOLD

Pine Study 

Stoic Portrait (George)


Toni (Figure Study)


Kiesha Portrait

River Study SOLD

Oak on Hudson SOLD

Marshland Sketch SOLD

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bather Study

 portrait detail ...

(roughly) 3 hr figure sketch, graphite on toned paper