Saturday, August 22, 2015

teaching upcoming night class in Westchester, NY

2015  This Fall, I'll be teaching another round of life drawing through the Hudson River Community Education (HRCE) program, on Thursday nights 6-8 pm in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Please pass this along to any creative, art-nerd people, all skill levels accepted... more info here: 

'Seneca' Portrait, 9 x 12, oil on panel


Introductory students doing "Bargue Copies" & re-interpreting some...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

studio painting in the works

started working on a new studio painting, here's some beginnings… and then some studies of the subject & muse, Renata:

(grisaille early stage…)

(UPDATE: filling the figure out before background...)

 Coming up for Air is a tenative title... w/ graphite figure study; would it be lame to include fish or squids? lol...

 At Rest #1 (study), oil
At Rest #2

portrait sketches and studies

"recline", 3 hr sketch

(filtered...) Tram, 3 hr sketch, 2013

 Susannah, 6 x 6 portrait, 2015 

 Renata, 2015

 To be Wedded, copy of a Васи́лий Васи́льевич Вереща́гин / Vereshchagin sketch  2011

 Jessica and the Woods, oil,  2014
Orientalism (Bargue copy), 2012

 Mary Jane, 8 x 11, grey scale study, 2013

Liz, 2014

Yer Grandfather, 2015, oil sketch

Noah - sketch, 2012

 Andre, oil sketch, 2015

Rashmi, graphite, 2013

Freddy, oil, 2015

Erica, in sketchbook, 2015

Jenna, oil, 2015

 Ennis, sketch, 2013

Ennis, sketch, 2013

Stoic, 2012

Mary Kate, 2016

(portraits can be done in one 2-3 hr sitting ... )